Mini Reviews #1: A Fantasy Binge

I read 12 books in august and they were all fantasy.

And no, I do not need help with my addiction thank you very much. I’m perfectly content to pretend I live in a fantasy world of magic and Fae – who isn’t?

Since I’m apparently on a mission to read every middle grade and young adult fantasy book out there, I thought why not share my thoughts on them? Oh, and I’ve thrown in a few book recommendations too because I love sabotaging your tbr pile.

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Hello, it’s me (I’m new!)

Hello, I am a new person! Not entirely new — I’ve been on this planet for 24 years — but I am new to the book blogging world. On the internet I go by the name Zalia and I love reading. I will devour anything remotely fantasy, magical or supernatural, including children’s and middle grade. I enjoy mystery books too and I do dabble in contemporary from time to time, but I find it makes me cry and I do enough of that already so I limit them for my own safety.

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